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The Adelaide Rush’s second season in the AWIHL brings with it continued player and team development, some exciting changes, some new faces and the hockey passion to be equally competitive in 2017/18. Under the revitalised and very experienced coaching/management team of Josef Rezek, Corey Smith and Nikki Brammer, the 17 player roster of the Adelaide Rush welcomes the experience and strength of two new American imports, Ashley Pelkey and Hannah Wright, both being recognised with team leadership roles. They will be strongly supported by an enthusiastic complimentary mix of some new and younger players like Shania Chenoweth and Sally Wilson, some very seasoned AWIHL players such as Candice Mitchell (Assistant), Jo Phillis, Tiffany Venning, Natalie Ayris, Tess Reynolds (all past National Women’s Team representatives) and Kirsty Venus, and some strong developing players like Lily-Mae Edwards and Sarah Wise. Tonii Larpent, Sarah Christensen and Marina Nottle return for another exciting season with the Adelaide Rush to provide further depth and direction to the team, while the welcomed interstate addition of young talented players, Keesha Atkins (Under 18 National Goalie) and Madeleine Prescott complete the Adelaide Rush Roster. The Adelaide Rush has successfully managed to present a good, developing combination of youth and experience across all lines. The 2017/18 AWIHL season should prove to be interesting.

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