News articles about hockey development

My Ginsberg Grin

Due to my coaching duties in the AIHL for the past few years, I have not had the opportunity to attend a Ginsberg tournament for some time.  So, I was thrilled to be able to attend this past weekend and see first hand how our pee wee aged players were tracking from a development perspective…. Read more »

Get more length and power in your stride in a four easy steps

By Scott Dutertre, IHA Skills Coach A common question I get from minor hockey coaches is “How do I get players to take full strides?”  When players first learn to skate, they have a tendency to take short, quick strides to maintain balance.  The frequency gets them down the ice, but makes the player inefficient. … Read more »

Being a Defenceman

-By Eric Lien- When we first start playing the game what do we try to do? We try to score goals. We shoot as hard as we can in to the goals or against the boards. We dream of scoring the winning goal in overtime. We dream of offensive heroics.  Long has been the notion… Read more »

Cross Ice Hockey – It’s for ALL Ages

For any coaches or parents who have been to the McCrae-Williamson Jamboree, you would have seen the beauty of cross ice hockey at work.  Four, simultaneous cross ice games being played at once, with more than 100 kids participating – it is an amazing site!  But this is not a new or unique concept.  In top… Read more »