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Australian Youth Team win Gold. Promoted to Division 2

2016 NYT Div 3 champions

The Australian Youth Team has struck Gold in the Division III world championships just concluded in Sofia, Bulgaria.

After defeating Bulgaria 4-3, Chinese Taipei 6-3 and Israel 4-3 the Aussies were well set for what appeared to be the gold medal game clash against Turkey who were also undefeated at that point.

The Gold Medal, however, seemed further away after a first period collapse leaving the Youth Team down 4-0. But a character effort saw the team fight back in second outscoring Turkey 4-2. Captain Ellesse Carini and Liam Manwarring each scoring two a piece to keep the gold alive. Turkey halted the Aussies momentum by extending the lead by another two goals. The Captain fought back with another tally to complete his international hat-trick but it wouldn’t enough in the high scoring 9-6 loss.

Turkey was in the driver’s seat to win the gold going into final day but there were still plenty of teams in the hunt.

Australia needed all dominos to fall into place started with the first game of the day when TPE taking ISR to a Penalty Shot Shootout which gave Australia their first hope to start the day. With ISR winning in the Penalty Shot Shootout 4 – 3 pressured Bulgaria in the next game to beat the undefeated Turkey team to win in regulation time to secure a Bronze Medal.

As the second domino fell into place Bulgaria shutout Turkey 1 – 0 gave Australia a second opportunity to regain gold medal.

Team Australia then had to secure a regulation win against Mexico to win gold.

As Australia opened the game they found themselves down 1 – 0 only 0:24 seconds into the game when Mexico scored from a point shot which was deflected to lead 1 -0. Australia found themselves down 2 – 0 in the second period when a roughing penalty let Mexico go ahead on the power play. Tommy Stevens scored his first goal of game for Australia at 9:30 remaining in the second period when he received an open net goal from a nice three way passing play from Manwarring and Carini. Team Australia then found themselves down another goal only 0:18 seconds into the 3rd period when Mexico went ahead 3 – 1.

Team Australia then scored their second goal 0:10 after a power play when Aiden Sillato received a pass from Jordon Brunt and Ellesse Carini to claw back the score to 3 – 2. Australia then tied the game on a lucky goal when Finlay Wood shot trickled through to tie the game. Australia took the lead for the first time of game only seconds after killing off a delay of game penalty call on Australian team captain Carini.

Tommy Stevens scored his second goal of the game on a beautiful three way passing play from Carini and Manwarring. Australian Evan Connard then received another penalty with 1:51 left in the game when he played the puck and was called for tripping. Mexico then scored within: 20 seconds to tie the game at 4 – 4 when they pulled their goalkeeper for a 6 on 4 advantages.

As Australia needed to win in regulation time, Australia pulled their goalie tied at 4 – 4 with 1:20 remaining in the period. Carini scored the go ahead goal with 1:06 to give Australia the needed lead again. Mexico then pulled their goaltender again to make an exciting last minute of the game. As the siren finally sounded Australia pulled out another rabbit from the hat to secure a 5 – 4 victory and claim the gold medal.

Tommy Stevens was named Australia player of the game.

Ellesse Carini was named Australian best player of the tournament.

Australia Gold, Turkey Silver, Bulgaria Bronze, Israel 4th, TPE 5th, Mexico relegated.

As a result, Australia is promoted to Division II B for the 2017 championships


Bunker shot 2

In 2007, former International Ice Hockey Federation referee Rick Williams and ex-professional goalie David Turik introduced the Video Review Room to then National Rugby League COO Graham Annesley. Williams, who refereed several World Championships and an Olympic Consolation knew Mr Annesley when they both worked for News Limited.

“My business partner David Turik is a huge Rugby League supporter and like many fans, was concerned about officiating decision potentially affecting games. With this, David suggested we talk to the National Hockey Leagues Video Review Room”, said Williams. The NHL has used the “bunker” concept since 2002 and the advantages have improved the replay judging system for all, including fans, coaches, players and broadcasters. According to Sports Illustrated (March 20th, 2006) “The NHL does get video review better than any other league”.

Ice Hockey Australia is an affiliate with the NHL, which was set-up by Williams. “I got hold of Mike Murphy who is Senior Vice President of NHL Operations and in charge of the Video Review Room. Mike sent me a PowerPoint on the Video Review presented to the League’s Team General Managers, the year prior (2006), which highlighted the effectiveness of the innovative system. David Turik and I presented this to Graham Annesley who got it right away”, said Williams.

In 2013, then NRL Referee’s boss ‘Daniel Anderson’ invited both Turik and Williams to see the Leagues system. “My first concern was the video referee at the grounds. We were at ANZ Stadium and as soon as there was a review, about 20,000 fans turned around and looked at us in the box, which put enormous pressure on the Video Referee. The other challenge that the NHL players, coaches and fans wanted was consistency, which was exactly what the NRL was striving for. By having a smaller group of Video Referee’s, the NRL, its players, coaches and fans will get no surprises that consistency brings to the table”, said Williams.

Later that year, in November, after communication with NRL guru Todd Greenberg, Williams and Turik organised for General Manager of Football Operations ‘Nathan McGuirk’ and Referee’s boss ‘Tony Archer’ to visit the War Room and game night in Toronto. Williams also went along to assist the boys with the similarities between Rugby League and Ice Hockey.

“Both Nathan and Tony were very impressed with the technology in Toronto as well as how professional the system was. We also took Nathan and Tony to New Jersey where they attended a New Jersey Devils and LA Kings game to see how the system works at the actual venue”, said Williams.
“This has been a work in progress for 9 years and David and I are excited about the Bunker Room now being launched for the upcoming 2016 Season. We are pleased that our role was beneficial to the NRL who continue to be technology leaders in Australian sport”, said Williams.

Bunker shot 1




The Championships for this year are fast approaching, so the following information is given to assist all in their planning for the championship that they are most interested in.


Location and Date.








11 – 14 AUGUST




14-17 JULY




6-9 JULY








11-13 MARCH




10-12 JUNE







Rankings for 2016.


Rankings for Ginsberg 2016


  1. New South Wales
  2. South Australia
  3. Western Australia
  4. Queensland
  5. Victoria
  6. Australian Capital Territory


Rankings for DeFris 2016


  1. New South Wales
  2. Western Australia
  3. Queensland
  4. Victoria
  5. South Australia
  6. Australian Capital Territory


Rankings for Tange 2016


  1. Western Australia
  2. New South Wales
  3. Victoria
  4. Queensland
  5. South Australia
  6. Australian Capital Territory


Rankings for Brown 2016


  1. Victoria
  2. Western Australia
  3. Queensland
  4. South Australia
  5. New South Wales
  6. Australian Capital Territory


At this stage, the Brown Trophy has still to be confirmed.

Where can I go to register for Ice Hockey in 2016

Typically members will register via their state or club, and will be provided links to use. To ensure that you can register, we are providing a list of links for the various entities within Ice Hockey Australia

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IHA implements new Registration System

Ice Hockey Australia has moved our member registration to a new platform hosted by eSportsdesk which replaces the previous Pointstreak.

You will continue to register as before either via your state or club. To streamline the process and reduce paperwork, during the registration, you will new see items such as the Code of Conduct and other forms which you must agree to in order to register.

Remember, that as last year’s memberships expired on February 28, you must register prior to taking the ice.

For more information, contact your club or state.