The National Junior Team gear up for Serbia

Kubara and Marino Junior team - better size

After a Bronze Medal effort at the last world championship in Spain, the National Junior Team are gearing up for another strong campaign.

The Div. II Group B World Championships take place January 17th-23rd in Novi Sad as the NJT faces off with Romania, Spain, Belgium, Serbia and China.

The team has managed to retain half of their line up including two top point scorers Casey Kubara (3G,2A) and Sam Hodic (3G,4A).

Even with 50% of players returning it is still a young squad heading overseas. “This year’s squad is very young, so they will (ideally) stay together for a few years to come, that will allow us to introduce a team philosophy and standard which won’t change too much each year” explains head coach Markus Frankenberger.

Frankenberger is quite confident in the group and its preparation so far “preparation is going well, players are well aware that playing for Australia is a privilege and we won’t have room or time for “passengers”.

One thing that hasn’t changed in preparation is the Team staff who re-unite for their fourth tournament “without this amazing group of people, the tour would not be the same”.

Whilst the on-ice team has the capability to stick together for years to come, the coach does stress that each player is accountable and it is up to them to be ready to play as they try to build something special.

Liam Manwarring, Alex Tetreault, Ellesse Carini, Lachlan Fahmy, Josh Hansen, Jake Knott, Bayley Kubara, Mitch Henning, Harri Jaunozols, Lynden Lodge, Stephen McCann

Alex Tetreault – ACT
Ellesse Carini – NSW
Lachlan Fahmy – NSW
Josh Hansen – NSW
Jake Knott – NSW
Bayley Kubara – NSW
Casey Kubara – NSW
Liam Manwarring – NSW
James Marino – NSW
Daniel Pataky – NSW
Mitch Henning – QLD
Zach Boyle – SA
Remy McGuiness – SA
Sam Hodic – VIC
Harri Jaunozols – VIC
Lynden Lodge – WA
David Mahood – WA
Alastair Punler – WA
Kieren Webster – WA
Stephen McCann – WA

Saxon Air, Anthony Barnes, Jamie Campbell, Kayne Fedor, Nicholas Novysedlak, Yucca Reinecke, Tomas Sak, Luke Shafren, Jordan Williams, Charlie Smart.