Victoria takes out the 2015 Brown Trophy

Brown Trophy Winners Victoria 2016

Victoria reclaims the 2015 Brown Trophy after defeating WA 6-0 in the final.

Victoria played host at the O’Brien Group Arena and didn’t waste anytime in their pursuit for gold as they defeated South Australia 10-1 in the opening game, with National Team forward Brendan McDowell chipping in a hat trick early.

Defending 2014 Champions Western Australia matched Victoria’s pace led by Jordan Kyros (1 goal, 2 assists) with a 6-0 victory over ACT.

But the big scores didn’t last long as QLD battled NSW for a hard fought 4-2 win. They would later fall short by the same score to WA in their next match up.

It would be the midway point of the tournament that Victoria and Western Australia would finally meet. But unfortunately for Western Australia Scott Corbett caught fire notching a natural hat-trick including the game winner in a tight 4-2 game.

Corbett would eventually finish the tournament as highest point scorer, chipping in at least a point a game including the closest game of the tournament against a determined QLD outfit, backstopped by the Tournament’s best goalkeeper Nick Novysedlak.

QLD would eventually fall short of making the finals thanks to WA in the semi. They did however manage to secure Bronze defeating SA 3-1.

Melbourne Mustangs Matt Stringer got things started in the final with the first goal of the game, and then went onto steal the show with a hat-trick of his own.

Victoria can now put the Brown Trophy back in their cabinet where it has been missing since 2012. How long it remains there, will be up to the other states in 2016.

Highest Point Scorer = Scott Corbett (Victoria)
Best Goalkeeper = Nick Novysedlak

MVPs per state

VIC = Scott Corbett
WA = Jordy Kyros
QLD = Matt Courtney
NSW = Jayden Ryan
SA = Dillan Wallace
ACT = Adam Wombey

Standings For 2016

1. Victoria
2. Western Australia
3. Queensland
4. South Australia
5. New South Wales
6. Australian Capital Territory