2015 Girls Hockey Weekend

The 2015 World Girls’ Ice Hockey Week2015GirlsDayend will be held October 10-11. We are look forward to increasing the number of events globally from 465 last season to even more!  The World Girls’ Ice Hockey Weekend is a global opportunity for girls to try out hockey as a new sport. Thousands of participants took part in previous years across the world. 

The Australian Women’s Council have events planned for Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne

Women’s ice hockey is one of the fastest growing sports in the world thanks to events like this one and to similar programs that are being run in many countries. There are over 48 countries running this event this year.

What is the World Girls’ Ice Hockey Weekend? 

It is an opportunity for girls of all ages to try ice hockey. It is an opportunity for hosts all around the world to bring girls from their community together on the ice so they can:

  • be introduced to basic skills in hockey in a positive, fun and safe environment learn about opportunities in ice hockey in their community learn about fair play, sportspersonship, and teamwork meet new friends and have a chance to fall in love with a new sport.

For more information on this World Wide event from the International Ice Hockey Federation click here.  

Sydney information click here.
Melbourne information click here.