2023 National Championships – UPDATE

Ice Hockey Australia (IHA) and the National Championships ‘Tournament Committee’ are pleased to confirm the following IHA tournament locations and dates for 2023:

  • Western Australia – Women’s Tournament April 20th to 23rd
  • South Australia – McCrae-Williamson Jamboree (11U) June 9th to 12th
  • Western Australia – Kurt Defris (15U) Tournament July 20th to 23rd
  • VIC – Phil Ginsberg (13U) Tournament August 2nd to 5th (O’Brien Icehouse)

We are continuing to work with Member Associations for Syd Tange (18U) and Jim Brown/ Para ice hockey championships on locations. 

We are very pleased to announce that Australian Ice Hockey League (AIHL) Futures and Australian Women’s Ice Hockey League (AWIHL), along with IHA, will award two awards per tournament. The ‘AIHL Best and Fairest Award’ will be given in “recognition of the best individual talent who plays with safety and fairness” along with a $400 gift certificate from AIHL Futures. The AWIHL ‘Award of Excellence’ will be in recognition of the best female individual talent and fair player of the tournament” along with a $400 gift certificate.