Board update regarding National Hockey Super League (NHSL)

Ice Hockey Australia (IHA), the National Governing Body of ice hockey in Australia wishes to inform the hockey community including but not limited to, the IHA members and/or delegates, all coaches, managers, administrative staff and officials, that the National Hockey Super League (NHSL) based in South Australia (SA) is not affiliated with, or sanctioned by, Ice Hockey Australia (IHA).

As an unsanctioned league by the (IHA), the NHSL is entirely responsible for their own oversight, governance, and insurance, and confirms that the IHA has no regulatory authority over this competition.

Any IHA members that choose to participate in the NHSL do so without the backing or support of the IHA or its partners including insurers and will not be covered by IHA in the event of any unforeseen incidents that may arise within the NHSL competition.


Grove Bennett
President, IHA

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