Ice Hockey Australia introduces new numerical naming standards across all local competitions

Ice Hockey Australia (IHA) has introduced a new numerical naming standard for its National Championships and development camps, replacing the out-dated terms – atom, peewee, bantam, midget.

The new terminology for the age-based competition will now be in the following format.

Age rangeIHA event/championship
9U9 years as of Dec 31 or youngerMcCrae-Williamson group 1
11U11 years as of Dec 31 or youngerMcCrae-Williamson group 2
13U13 years as of Dec 31 or youngerGinsberg
15U15 years as of Dec 31 or youngerDeFris
18U18 years as of Dec 31 or youngerTange

The previous terms, based from Hockey Canada, are non-descriptive and the same terms have been used to describe different competition age groups. For example, the ‘bantam’ competition in NSW is a 15 and under competition, while in South Australia it is a 16 and under competition. Member State associations are being encouraged to implement this change if they are not currently using it. This change will help clarify competitions and align all member states.

The change will also align IHA with USA hockey and Hockey Canada, who has recently announced a switch to a numerically based system for their 2020/21 season.

Ice Hockey Australia is committed to making the sport of ice hockey inclusive and accessible for all and are proud to action the change.