IHA Elected Director Nominations

Recently, Ice Hockey Australia (IHA) announced that they would be accepting applications for three elected director positions. Applications have since closed for the positions and the directors will be elected at the upcoming Annual General Meeting. We are pleased to provide details for each of the applicants based on their submissions.

Mr Derek Bideshi

I am a passionate hockey player with 30+ years of experience, in both ice and inline, who would love to continue to contribute to the sport and help its growth in Australia. As a Director, I would bring my player experience as well as direct experience in finance, corporate governance, and risk management. I am a senior finance professional with public company experience who has worked on and with Boards for years. My roles cover finance, audit, and reporting, but also risk management, including experience in all five steps of the process. I work closely with the Board of Directors of my current employer and am comfortable with the requirements of governance. I will also be completing the Corporate Directors Course with the AICD in March 2022.

I also enjoy working as part of a larger team to advance the goals of an organisation that I feel strongly about. I am a collaborative team member who thrives on ideas and execution.

Mr Simon Holmes

Ice Hockey in Australia is confronted by many challenges ranging from geography, through incumbent knowledge to finance. Any future direction will not only require in depth understanding of the challenges within the Australian ice hockey landscape but a broader comprehension of the scope of opportunities from a professional business and sport perspective.

As a qualified professional possessing broad business assessment, analysis and reporting delivery experience I offer over 30 years of Accounting, Management and Marketing experience in addition to a similar time span as a team leader, coach and mentor within ice hockey. Through evaluation, development and implementation of a wide array of programs, policy and procedures that embody self-empowerment, personal responsibility and accountability, I have successfully contributed in many forms of decision-making systems and dynamics within Business and International Sport.

Mr Michael Juste

It is with pleasure that l submit my nomination for a Board Director’s position at Ice Hockey Australia. I am drawn to this nomination given my extensive experience and passion for technology, driving excellence and utilising technology as an enabler business growth. The opportunity to join this organisation and help shape their technology & Services journey is compelling.

Over the years, I have learned that executive position carries much more responsibilities than just being a leader of an organisation. It is about building relationships, communities within an organisation and empowering the teams to do their best work. My background and experience demonstrates my ability to do just that.

Ms Rachel Kogiopoulos

A qualified and experienced Business Services Manager and Board member with over 15 years’ management experience both in Australia and Internationally. Effectively combines strong technical, problem-solving and planning capabilities to deliver on duties quickly and efficiently. Having developed excellent interpersonal skills, as well as the ability to communicate professionally, enjoys leading a successful and productive team.

Ms Gill McLean

In considering the role of director I believe I bring the following:

  • The ability to focus on the material issues and not sweat the small stuff
  • The ability to focus on the big picture and the future rather than looking back, other than to take on the learnings from the past
  • Ability to deal with the pressure from external sources, and being able to stay cool in the face of pressure and trusting my own capabilities when dealing with adversity
  • Ability to influence effectively and can articulate the key issues and provide critical insight on the issues at
  • Ability to respect alternative viewpoints as its critical to provide multiple perspectives on any key

I have a passion for Ice Hockey and what it brings to the players lives, the culture in the sport is one of inclusion and fosters a strong sense of belonging and team spirit.

I have a high level of integrity and a strong sense of what is right for the members and have extensive experience in governance, financial matters, and board experience.

I consider myself to be an ideal candidate for the IHA board.

Ms Jane Woodlands

A passionate people, program and project leader, Jane thrives on the fast pace and complex problem solving landscapes of high performance sport. A curious, diligent strategist, she is equally focused on attention to detail as the big picture vision and enjoys being integral in an organisations’ journey to thrive, and transitioning from good to great.

An ice hockey enthusiast, she has been involved as a parent/volunteer from beginner through to national programs, and hockey academies and leagues in Canada and the US.

Jane has served on committees and advisory groups for National Sporting Organisations in Netball, AFL and Squash in:

  • Coaching Development
  • Long Term Athlete Development
  • National Program Design
  • Innovations
  • Competitions and Rules
  • Integrity
  • Compliance
  • Reconciliation Action Plan

She is currently a member of Deakin University’s Master of Applied Science Advisory Board, and recently served on South Australian National Football League’s Commission.

Jane’s career spans from teacher, professional coach, author, consultancy business director and most recently leading and managing elite sports developments in AFLW and Super Netball. She is an experienced international presenter in high performance culture and leadership. Jane’s vision, drive and dedication to success reflect her personal values of excellence, integrity and authenticity.


For questions about this, contact the IHA Office via office@iha.org.au