IHA Management Structure

Ice Hockey Australia is managed and governed through three distinct levels to which nominated persons are either elected or appointed to the position as per the procedures and processes in IHA’s Constitution:

1. Board of Directors 2. Members 3. Portfolio Directors

A.  Board

       Dr Ryan O’Handley (President)

       Jane Woodlands – Thompson (Vice President)

       Christine Harman (Company Secretary)

       Rachel Kogiopoulos (Treasurer)
       Shae Gañac (Director)

Michael Juste (Director)

       Kathryn Rogers (Director)

Jay Norden (Director)


B.  Members – State/Organisation Delegates as nominated by their organisation

ACT    – Adrian Miller (President)

NSW   – Tim Kitching (President)

QLD    – Matt Meyer (President)

SA       – Glen Winkler (President)

VIC      – Veronica Ryan (President)

WA      – Sydney Fricker (President)

OiHAN – Don Reddish (President)

AIHL    – Dawn Watt

C.  Portfolio Directors

Chief Medical Officer – Dr Daniel George

IHA Registrar – Martin Ceniceros

Member Protection & Grievance Officer – Kim Dewar 

National Coaching Development Director – Mark Stephenson

National High-Performance Programme Director – Matti Luoma

National Judiciary Director – Jimmy Dufour

National Player Development Director – Dr Ryan O’Handley

National Referee in Chief – Kent Unwin

National Women’s Development Director – Kylie Taylor

National Teams Operations Director – Paul Kelly

National Tournaments Director – Mark Weber

National Goaltender Development Manager – Sera Dogramaci

National Para Ice Hockey Director – Bill Siegloff