IIHF Marketing and IIHF Asia Oceania Committee Appointments


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PRESS RELEASE: IIHF Marketing & IIHF Asia Oceania Committee Appointments

Ice Hockey Australia is pleased to announce that the IIHF has confirmed the nominations of Mr. Grove Bennett to the IIHF Marketing Committee and Ms. Shae Gañac to the IIHF Asia Oceania Committee. The term of the appointments is to 2026, respectively.

The IIHF has recently undergone a change in leadership with the election of Mr. Luc Tardif as the newly elected IIHF President. The Asia Oceania Committee is chaired by IIHF Vice President Mr. Aivaz Omorkanov. Whereas the work in any IIHF committees must be neutral and contribute to the further development of Ice Hockey globally, IHA will be actively involved and work with many countries together.

“It is very important that we work in the Asia and Oceania region closely together and such cooperations will then benefit everyone. One of the main purposes of our work in the Asia and Oceania region as well as globally is that we want to raise the level of participation, reach out to new/untapped markets, and make Ice Hockey everywhere stronger. The IIHF and me personally are looking forward to our cooperation with Grove Bennett, Shae Gañac and IHA overall, and the expertise they bring into our committees to reach these goals” said IIHF Vice-President for the Asia and Oceania region Mr. Aivaz Omorkanov.

“The opportunity to serve on an IIHF committee as an expert is exceptional not only for IHA but the Asia Oceania region. To be involved with the new direction that is being set by Luc Tardif and Aivaz Omorkanov will further enhance IHA’s and the Asia Oceania Region’s position on the global stage. I would like to congratulate Shae on her appointment to the Asia Oceania Committee and know that she will do an amazing job representing our region and IHA with passion and pride at every turn. I look forward to working with the IIHF closer, in particular Aivaz, and assisting in the forward movement and development of our great game and thank them for their trust and confidence.” Stated Mr Grove Bennett, President IHA

The IHA Board of Directors and the IHA community wish to congratulate Grove and Shae on their appointments.

Ice Hockey Australia
Grove Bennett
President / Director