International Ice Hockey Federation ‘Coaching Symposium’

Ice Hockey Australia (IHA) congratulates Dr. Tamra Jones for being selected to represent IHA at the upcoming International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) ‘Coaching Symposium’, Tampere, Finland, 20th -21st May 2023. The ‘Coaching Symposium’ will run during the IIHF Men’s World Championships.

The event will feature presentations from Professor Sergio Lara-Bercial, Professor Jean Côté, Dr James Vaughan, Cara Morey, and Todd Woodcroft. Speakers will discuss best practices from the perspectives of both player and coach development, through their own research, and how they apply their coaching practices in the team environment.

More information regarding the IIHF Coaching Symposium can be found at IIHF – Tournament Info 2023 IIHF ICE HOCKEY WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP


Dr. Tamra Jones is an experienced lecturer in the field of Health and Physical Education, inclusive practice and educational psychology currently working at James Cook University. Tamra’s IIHF Level III coaching accreditation and elite level playing history (Brown University NCAA Division I), in partnership with her educational background, enrich her capacity to develop and mentor emerging talent in Australia.

Since her arrival to Australia in 2001, Tamra has passionately contributed to growing the game of hockey. As a Head Coach, Tamra has won several championships at the State, National and International levels of competition, most recently the Australian Women’s U18 Team at the 2023 IIHF Division II – Group A tournament. The Women’s U18 Team now advance to IIHF Division I – Group B in 2024.

Tamra is committed to continuing to advance the success of the women’s program through investment into player and coach development.

“Thanks IHA for this opportunity. I am looking forward to advancing what’s in my coaching toolbox and having the platform to network with representatives from other countries to build on existing partnerships and establish new ones that will facilitate progress of our national teams”.