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Ice Hockey Australia announces new marketing and promotions team

Ice Hockey Australia (IHA) is pleased to announce the appointment of five marketing and communications professionals, which have been tasked with assisting in the delivery of IHA’s 2020 – 2023 Strategic Plan.

Team Members:
The team members, along with their respective titles and roles include:

  • Josh Thomas – Portfolio Director, Marketing and Promotions
  • Mikahlia Holmes – Digital Communications and Content Management
  • Monica Partyka – Local Area Marketing and Strategic Marketing Initiatives
  • Gordon Witt – Public Relations and Content Strategist
  • John Dee – Media and Content Strategist 

While the job titles and roles are indicative of skill sets of the respective team member, the team will be collaborative in their approach, leading to crossover with roles and responsibilities.

All team members are passionate about ice hockey and have a strong desire to see the sport grow in Australia. This passion, coupled with decades of professional experience in marketing strategy, social media, and content creation, give the board confidence that the team will play a pivotal role in achieving IHA’s 2020 – 2023 Strategic Plan.

Team Priorities:
The marketing and promotions team will be working closely with the IHA board and key stakeholders to deliver the following outcomes:  

  • Grow the participation in ice hockey, while fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment  
  • Develop and implement a marketing, communications and relationships strategy 
  • Increase engagement of Australian ice hockey at international, national, and state levels
  • Build brand recognition and awareness for Ice Hockey Australia 

Ice Hockey Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that relies heavily on volunteers to achieve success. We want to take this opportunity to thank the myriad of individuals who give their time, expertise and resources to help grow the sport. In the coming weeks and months, there will be opportunities to assist the marketing and promotions team in various ways. If you wish to assist, we would love to hear from you via email at

Announcement regarding the Australian Women’s Ice Hockey League Season

IHA is disappointed to announce that the AWIHL season for 2020/21 has been cancelled. The decision to cancel the season was a very difficult one that was made unanimously with all the teams. The COVID-19 situation throughout Australia continues to pose difficult challenges for our sport. The continued border closures, quarantine requirements for interstate travel and the Victorian lockdown are the contributing factors.

This will be a major disappointment for AWIHL players and the team’s staff. The AWIHL is an important league for IHA and we look forward to the next season of the AWIHL and to build on the successes of the 2019/20 season.

Our previous three seasons are all still available on demand via and our production crew are looking into various projects to produce content to engage with all our supporters in the coming months.

Announcement re AWIHL Season

Withdrawal from World Women’s U18 and World Men’s U20 participation in IIHF Championships January 2021

IHA has today advised the IIHF that we are withdrawing from participating in the IIHF 2021
Championships for WW18 DivIIA (Great Britain, Dumfries) and WM20 DivIII (Mexico)
because of the situation with COVID-19.

No doubt this is an absolute blow to our young players, some of whom are in their last, or
only, year of participation in these tournaments. We are saddened and disappointed for all
our players and our dedicated staff who give of their time and effort to develop, prepare,
coach, and manage them at the tournaments.

There are many factors that led the Board to this decision with health, safety and financial
risk being at the core.

1. Australia continues to have closed internal borders and prohibited international travel
with the government indicating restrictions on international travel to continue well into
2. The requirement to quarantine for 14 days upon return from any international travel, in a
hotel at the individuals cost for 14 days, adds 2 weeks to the team’s time away from
home and work. This is an unacceptable cost and loss of time to players and staff.
3. Insurance to cover sickness due to COVID-19 is not available and represents an
unreasonable risk to IHA, staff and players. If illness does occur, we are 16,000km from
home in the case of Britain and 12,000km in the case of Mexico.
4. The insurance implications are greatly exacerbated if the entire team is required to
quarantine overseas and unable to travel home on time.
5. Given the distances our teams travel, the cost of travel is substantial, and we know that
cancellation of flights due to COVID-19 is not covered.
6. The situation worldwide is still uncertain with respect to i)the long-term health
implications of contracting COVID-19 and, ii)the trajectory of the pandemic.

All these factors present an unacceptable risk to our players, staff and Ice Hockey
Australia. IHA have made this decision with the long-term sustainability of the sport in
Australia in mind.

IHA will keep a watching brief on the worldwide situation and assess our participation in the
3 remaining tournaments, being held in March and April 2021, in the coming months.
We thank all the team staff who have been vital in the making of this decision

Announcement re IIHF participation WW18 & WM20

Cancellation of National Championships 2020

Over the past 3 months Ice Hockey Australia has had numerous meetings with State Presidents to find a way to run our national championships in this COVID-19 environment. Three of our State members have made the difficult decision to not take part and two members have withdrawn their previous offers to host.  Unfortunately, this means that no championships will be held this year.

We regret this situation but respect their decision. The level of uncertainty, concerns about safety and the substantial financial risk for teams, and hosts, have informed these decisions.

We will be doing all we can to ensure that we can run all national championships in

Announcement re IHA National Championships Cancellation

2020 Goalie Coaching Symposium

We are excited to announce that we will be holding our first ever Goalie Coaching Symposium this year!

The two-day Symposium will feature local and international presenters who are regarded as experts in their field, covering a range of topics with a specific focus on goaltenders.

We invite goalie coaches, player coaches, adult goalies and parents of goalies to register for this Symposium here:

IHA Goalie Symposium