Making a complaint


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As of 4 October 2022, Ice Hockey Australia has commenced the National Integrity Framework. This means that Complaints relating to National Integrity Framework policies which occurred after this date will be handled by Sport Integrity Australia through their independent complaints process.

Unacceptable behaviours under National Integrity Framework policies are known as Prohibited Conduct.

Under the National Integrity Framework, anything that may constitute Prohibited Conduct must be reported to Sport Integrity Australia.

Sport Integrity Australia will also manage issues relating to Ice Hockey Australia’s Anti-Doping policy.

Ice Hockey Australia will continue to manage Non-National Integrity Framework issues, and any issues which occurred before the commencement date.


(Complaints Managed by Sport Integrity Australia)

The full list of Prohibited Conduct is available here, but includes things such as:

• Abuse

• Bullying

• Harassment

• Sexual Misconduct

• Unlawful Discrimination

• Victimisation

• Misconduct with a Child

• Grooming

• Supply of Drugs or Alcohol to a Child

• Match, race, or competition fixing and other types of Competition Manipulation

• Supplying inside information for the purposes of gambling

• Betting by members on their own sport

• Unlawful use of over the counter or prescription drugs

• Inappropriate use or provision of supplements

• Use, possession or trafficking of illegal drugs

• Concealing information about Prohibited Conduct

To report Prohibited Conduct, visit

(Complaints Managed by Ice Hockey Australia)

• Selection and eligibility disputes

• Competition Rules disputes

• Code of Conduct breaches

• Social Media Policy breaches

• Governance misconduct

• Employment disputes

• Complaints that are solely a Personal Grievance

• Whistle-blower disclosures

• Any conduct that occurred before [your sports commencement date]

To report any of the above, contact