Mighty Roos Squad Named vs Victorian All Stars

IHA would like to congratulate the following Mighty Roo’s squad of players and staff who have been named to represent Australia against the Victorian All-Stars at O’Brien Icehouse on 15th and 16th February as part of the 10th Anniversary celebrations of the venue.

Several reserves will join the squad in addition to the Croatia team named earlier due to several players currently playing overseas.

Anthony Kimlin
Austin Mc Kenzie
Charlie Smart
Jamie Woodman
Joey Rezek
Jonathon Bremner
Kai Miettinen
Kieren Webster
Liam Manwarring
Lliam Webster
Lynden Lodge
Matt Armstrong
Michael Mc Mahon
Robert Haselhurst
Tommy Powell
Vadim Virjassov
Wehebe Darge
Zach Boyle

Matti Luoma – Head Coach
Michael Flaherty – Assistant Coach
Ian Webster – Team Manager

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