Registration and Memberships

To participate in the sport, you will need to register and purchase memberships. We use an online system provided by eSportsdesk (ESD). 

You will need to have an ESD account. It is important to have only one account then all your purchases are attached to that account along with playing statistics. This means that as you register for each event, the system will recognise where you have already purchased the required memberships, and then not ask you to pay more than is necessary.

To create an account you must receive an invitation from your club. ESD will send emails to you using this email address. If you need to change email address, the login to ESD and edit your profile. The next time you log in, you will use the new email address.

For Juniors, the account can be linked to your parent(s) account which means that either parent can manage registrations for the child.

Ice Hockey Australia is the National body, and is made up of Member Associations (MA’s), likewise  the MA’s typically have Clubs running under them, this can be seen like a three layer cake, with IHA as the base layer. So to play hockey, you will need a membership for every layer that exists within your MA.

Your MA will provide you with the necessary link to manage your memberships.

If a refund is required, you must approach the Club, who will then work with the MA and IHA to complete the refund for you.