John McCrae-Williamson 11 Years & Under
Phil Ginsberg 13 Years & Under
Kurt Defris 15 Years & Under
Syd Tange 18 Years & Under
Jim Brown 17 Years & Over for non-AIHL players and 20 years and Under for AIHL players
John Goodall Cup 17 Years & Over
Joan McKowen Memorial 14 Years & Over

Non-citizens must have Permanent Residency or a Visa valid for a minimum of two years, including a processed IIHF International Transfer Card (ITC) for Over 18 years or an IIHF Letter of Approval Transfer for Under 18 years as approved by their home country and the IIHF to be eligible.

These tournaments are carried out according to the rules contained in the Sport Regulations.

Downloadable Relevant Files