International Transfers

Players who wish to relocate between countries and therefore Member National Associations (MNA) must follow the IIHF procedures which are documented in the IIHF Transfer regulations.

Even if you never played hockey, you must apply for a transfer which requires approval from the old MNA.

Transfer duration can be for either

  • a limited period, after which the player reverts automatically to their old MNA. Be specific with your start and finish dates otherwise it defaults to starting immediately the paperwork is signed until 30 June for Northern hemisphere or 31 August for Southern hemisphere.
  • or Unlimited which means they remain a member of the new MNA until another transfer is processed. every unlimited application also requires a completed
    IIHF Unlimited Transfer Card Request (UTCR) form to be lodged with the application.

Transfer costs

For players under 18, the transfer uses the Letter of Approval process and is at zero cost.

For players over 18, the transfer uses the IIHF ITC process which costs $550 plus any service fee charged by the old MNA up to 500 Swiss Francs (CHF). 

The current fees charged by overseas Associations can be found here – Service Fees Summary

Transfer process

The process begins by applying to join the new MNA. They will provide the necessary list of information required to process your transfer, and liaise with the old MNA and IIHF  to complete the  transfer.

To expedite the process, it is advised to obtain a letter of release from your old club and
member association to be submitted with your request. This information will also be required by IHA prior to countersigning the transfer paperwork when it arrives from the new MNA.

For incoming players, the player needs to

  1. Complete the IHA Application for an incoming IIHF Transfer with copies of their Passport and Visa.
  2. Attach a release from current club to expedite processing.
  3. If an unlimited transfer is being sought, then the IIHF Unlimited Transfer Card Request must be completed.
  4. The player then returns the paperwork to your new IHA member association who will work with the IHA office to process your request. Good quality scans are acceptable, with originals to follow.
  5. IHA will invoice the IHA member association for the $550 IIHF ITC fee plus any service fees.


Outgoing players will need to work with their new club, who will contact the overseas association (MNA) who are the responsible for the transfer process. For players over 18, the transfer uses the IIHF ITC process which costs $550, IHA does not charge a service fee.

The overseas MNA will send you transfer paperwork for your signature.

Once you sign it, send it back to them for processing.

They will contact IHA for a countersignature.

IHA will verify their eligibility to transfer with the IHA member association, and then send the countersigned documents back overseas.

The overseas MNA will then notify IIHF of the transfer and await IIHF approval.

The Overseas MNA will then notify you that the transfer is complete

When can I play?

We recommend that to speed up processing, you should obtain a release from current club and IHA member association prior to making application. This verification should be forwarded to the IHA Office by your IHA member association.

The transfer process will confirm your eligibility to transfer with your old club which may take some time (up to a week remembering that during our season, the northern hemisphere may have their offices closed while they relax after their seasons have completed.)

You will be notified once the transfer has completed and been verified by IIHF, by receiving a copy of the approved transfer. At that point, you are able to participate in hockey, provided that you have completed the registration requirements of your new MNA.