IHA Player & Travel Insurance

IHA has a National Insurance Scheme that covers the following categories:

  • Sports Injury
  • Public Liability
  • Directors and Officers
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Corporate Travel
  • Office Insurance

Up to date details and forms can be found at

The National Insurance Scheme is available to all IHA Members, Associations and Clubs whenever they are involved in sanctioned events. Included in this coverage is the National Sports Injury Scheme for which the coverage is determined by the General Assembly. Members wishing to have increased coverage are advised to seek Private Health Insurance.

Under Australian Law, this insurance does not cover items covered by Medicare. The insurance does cover non-Medicare items such as physiotherapy and dental where referred by a doctor. Notwithstanding this, sports insurance in Australia is designed to cover “catastrophic” events with minor treatment being covered by Medicare and private health insurance.

As a result, members are strongly urged to take out private health insurance cover. Sports injury insurance is not meant to be a substitute for prudent personal Health Fund insurance cover.

Non-Australian residents (import players) are not covered by Medicare and therefore are advised to take out their own health insurance before beginning to play.

Points of Importance
  • IHA  tracks and trends injuries sustained in IHA sanctioned competition games regardless of how minor they may be.  These are to be recorded on IHA’s Sports Injury Form and actioned as stated on the form. All injuries must be reported to the State Association Office who will forward the report to the IHA Office for review by our Chief Medical Officer. He will also pass information to the insurer for statistical analysis.
  • Where the injury may result in a claim, then the player needs to lodge their claim with AJG within thirty (30) days of occurrence via the process documented here.



The travel insurance policy provides coverage for IHA National Teams attending IIHF World Championships. All other traveling teams/players must source their own travel insurance.

Our broker – AJG – is happy to provide quotations as requested and can be contacted via the email link found at

Download Relevant Files:

IHA Injury Reporting Form

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