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National Senior Team to compete at New Zealand Winter Gamers

Tommy Powell takes on NZ in Melbourne in 2011 Ice Hockey Australia is proud to announce it has accepted an invitation, and challenge, to participate in the 2017 New Zealand Winter games. The best of three game series, has been named the ‘Trans Tasman Challenge’ and is a Senior men’s open competition, that we anticipate… Read more »

ASADA Athlete Warning – Higenamine

In just over a year, 13 Australian athletes from nine different sports have tested positive to Higenamine, which is prohibited both in and out of competition. This is in spite of a warning issued by ASADA in November 2016. Higenamine is often listed on the ingredient label of the supplements, however this is not always… Read more »

Ginsberg Trophy playing conditions update

From 2017, all Ginsberg Trophy games will be 3 x 15 minute stop time periods, and slap shots allowed. Final update of Sport Regulations will be posted when rewrite is complete.

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