Ice Hockey Australia to Host the 2025 Men's World Championships

Published Thu 30 May 2024

Ice Hockey Australia to Host the 2025 Men's World Championships, Division IIA, in Melbourne

A Historic Return to the International Stage

Ice Hockey Australia has officially been announced by the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) to host the 2025 Men's World Championships, Division IIA, in the vibrant city of Melbourne. Scheduled to take place from 27 April to 3 May, this prestigious event will see nations from Netherlands, Belgium, Serbia, Israel, the UAE, and Australia, competing for the top spot and a chance to advance to Division IB.

This marks a significant moment for Australian ice hockey, as it will be the first time since 2011 that the country has hosted a men’s world championships. The 2011 championship holds a special place in the hearts of Australian hockey fans, as it was then that the national team clinched the gold medal on home ice, earning a historic promotion to Division IB.

Melbourne: A City of Sports and Culture

Melbourne, known for its rich sports culture and passionate fanbase, is an ideal location for the championships. The city's world-class facilities, vibrant atmosphere, and dedicated support for sports make it a perfect host for this international event. The games are set to take place at the O’Brien Icehouse, a premier ice sports venue renowned for its state-of-the-art amenities and capacity to host large-scale events.

A Milestone for Australian Ice Hockey

For Ice Hockey Australia, hosting the 2025 championships represents more than just a chance to host on home ice; it is a testament to the growth and resilience of the sport within the country. Since the triumphant victory in 2011, the Australian team has continued to develop and inspire a new generation of players and fans. This event is a chance to showcase the progress made and to promote the sport to a broader audience. The Australian Ice Hockey League has gone from strength to strength, developing home-grown players ready for Australian duties. Equally, Member Associations of IHA have developed quality pathways and grassroots programs that feed into all levels of the ice hockey community.

After successfully bidding at the IIHF Congress in Prague during the World Championships, IHA President Ryan O’Handley shares, “This is an incredible milestone for the sport in Australia and will bring some of the best in the world together back on our shores. We couldn't be more excited and privileged to be hosting.”

Adam Woolnough, General Manager of Ice Hockey Australia, adds, “This is a wonderful opportunity for our ice hockey community. We are sure this will inspire new players to join clubs, sign up to 'Learn to Skate' and 'Learn to Play' programs, and generally be interested in the sport. There is a rich history of ice hockey in Australia, and this only adds to the story”

Looking Forward

As the countdown to the championships begins, excitement is already building among fans, players, and officials. The event promises not only high-stakes competition but also a celebration of the global ice hockey community. Melbourne's selection as the host city underscores Ice Hockey Australia's commitment to developing the game at home and on the international stage.

Ice Hockey Australia extends a warm welcome to all participating nations and looks forward to a memorable and exhilarating championship in 2025.

Further information on ticket packages, pricing, game schedules, merchandise, and more, will be made available in the coming months.


2025 World Championship Calendar

IHA is also pleased to announce the full international calendar for all five national teams.

  • Women’s U18 World Championship Div IB, Katowice, Poland, 7-13 January
  • Men’s U18 World Championship Div IIB, Sofia, Bulgaria, 17-23 March
  • Men’s U20 World Championship Div IIB, Belgrade, Serbia, 19-25 January
  • Women’s World Championship Div IIB, Dunedin, New Zealand, 13-19 April
  • Men's World Championship Div IIA, Melbourne, Australia, 27 April-3 May
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